Living Journeys' Impact.

Financial Assistance, Emotional Support, Enrichment Programs




Living Journeys Serves More People Every Year

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living journeys has already reached twice as many poeple in 2018 than in 2017 or any previous year.

Living Journeys served people with 19 different types of cancer in 2017 & 2018

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in the last two year Living Journeys served over 50 people with 21 types of cancer as well as over 20 caregivers and dependents

Living Journeys Support Groups:

In 2016 Living Journeys offered 36 free support group meetings to anyone affected by cancer. These meetings served the needs of individuals affected by over 15 different types of cancer.

Demand for more support has led Living Journeys to add an additional monthly meeting to offer 48 support group meetings in 2017.  (Click on graphs to enlarge)


Financial Assistance:

Living Journeys provides financial assistance to help offset the costs of a cancer diagnosis. Assistance includes cash grants, private therapy grants and transportation assistance.

There has been a steady increase in the number of requests for assistance since 2012. Financial assistance hit a record high in 2016 with over thirty-four (34) grants awarded totaling over $52,000 in financial assistance. Using data from the Colorado Department of Public Health's Colorado Central Cancer Registry and the Gunnison County Economic Indicators Report, we were able to determine that in 2016 we served approximately 34% of the population affected by cancer. This data also provides estimates for future needs.  Living Journeys strives to increase the percentage served each year.

Living Journeys financial grants help individuals with all types of cancer including breast cancer. 


Living Journeys Looks Ahead:

Looking to 2017 and beyond, Living Journeys strives to do the following:

  • Turn no qualified applicant away who needs financial assistance.

  • Ensure financial assistance grants, private therapy grants and transportation grants are awarded with the capacity to impact the quality of life of families and individuals.

  • Secure funding to maintain an average cash grant at the same value as in 2012 ($4000).

    • Steady increases in grant requests have caused Living Journeys grant averages to be in steady decline.

You can help improve the quality of someone's life by making a donation today!