Living Journeys Can Help.


Emotional Support.




Living Journeys is a safe and confidential support system for individuals, families and friends struggling with cancer. The group is a supportive and healing environment where open discussion concerning cancer related topics can happen.



Crested Butte meetings are in our community room at Living Journeys offices at 300 Belleview Ave at 6:30pm the first and third Mondays.

Gunnison meetings are at the Gunnison Community Church (107 N. Iowa St) at noon on the first Thursday of every month.


The Living Journeys Bereavement Group is open to anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer. The group meetings are facilitated by certified counselors and currently meet in Crested Butte.

The Bereavement Support Group meets in Crested Butte in our community room at Living Journeys offices at 300 Belleview Ave at 6pm on the second Monday of each month.

All support groups are free, you do not need to pay to attend any or all of the support group meetings.

Would you like to be reminded about upcoming bereavement support group meetings?

Would you like to be reminded about upcoming support group meetings?





Living Journeys provides free referrals for licensed professional therapists who can help supply clients, their caregivers, children and family members with important tools to manage fear, anxiety and stress that accompanies a cancer diagnosis.  Living Journeys Therapist Partners.


Living Journeys also offers Private Therapy Grants which cover the cost of 10 sessions of private therapy.

Grant requests will be considered through all stages of the cancer journey; whether you are currently in treatment, recovery, have or lost a loved one with cancer you can apply for a private therapy grant.

grant details:

  • A private therapy grant covers the cost of 10 sessions with a therapist of the client’s choice.

  • At the end of 10 sessions, should you need to continue with your therapy, you or your therapist may request another grant for 10 sessions.

  • Living Journeys has a list of private therapists you may consider, or you may choose to use a therapist of your choice not currently listed.  For questions regarding how to choose a therapist, you may call 970-349-2777.

  • To receive a private therapy grant you must be a Gunnison County Resident.

The first step is to fill out and return an application

Financial Assistance. 

Grants, Private Therapy & Transportation Assistance 



Living Journeys provides direct financial grants to Gunnison County residents to help relieve the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis.  To apply for Financial Assistance, you must be a Gunnison County Resident.   

The first step is to download, fill out and return financial grant application. You can fill it our on our computer and return it to or print it, fill it out and mail it to PO Box 2024 // Crested Butte, CO 81224

Please call (970) 349-2777 for assistance or questions when filling out an application.  

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Living Journeys recognizes that due to our rural location and proximity to specialized forms of cancer treatments, Gunnison County residents may experience difficulty in traveling to and from their cancer treatments.  Living Journeys can help in three ways:

Volunteer Drivers: 

Living journeys will help match volunteer drivers with individuals needing transportation to treatment. For more information call Living Journeys at 970-349-2777 or email

Transportation Grants:

Living Journeys has funds available to offset the cost of travel to treatment. For more information please contact Living Journeys at 970-349-2777 or email

Tough Enough To Wear Pink Vehicles:


Tough Enough to Wear Pink (TETWP), the local breast cancer support organization, owns 2 vehicles to assist people needing to get to cancer treatment. In 2018 TETWP made their vehicles available to people with all cancer types. Living Journeys can help connect you with a TETWP vehicle for you next trip to treatment.


Living Journeys can sometimes reimburse for the cost of lodging for treatment but here are some resources that reduce the initial cost.



Angel Flight West (AFW) is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization that arranges free, non-emergency air transportation within the 13 Western states for children and adults with serious medical conditions and other compelling needs. AFW matches up volunteer pilots to people in need, enabling them to receive medical treatment and other vital care that might otherwise be inaccessible because of financial, medical, or geographic limitations.
Learn more and see if you qualify at 

Are you a pilot and would like to volunteer? Learn More.

Thank you Rocky Mountain Health Foundation for supporting Living Journeys
transportation assistance

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Living Journeys Youth Group.

& Kid’s Group (new!)

The Living Journeys Youth Group (LJYG), serves Gunnison County middle and high school aged students whose families have a relationship with cancer.

Living Journeys brings together a team therapists and staff from the Adaptive Sports Center to develop a year of adventures which include ropes courses, rafting, ice climbing, kayaking as well as group dinners and fireside chats.

Ansley Potoker, a Crested Butte junior who lost her father to cancer in 2011, invites all Gunnison County middle and high school students touched by cancer to join the LJYG! 

The Living journeys kids group is for elementary aged kids whose families have a relationship with cancer.

 Sometimes both groups get together and some activities are just for one age group or the other. Contact us for more information!



To offer engaging adventure activities that help free the mind while being surrounded by peers who share common experiences related to cancer, and to guide an empowered group of young adults who support each other, become mentors for others, and act as a resource for the community through volunteer service. No cost to attend.


Step 1: Let Living Journeys know you are coming!

STEP 3: Please bring the attached forms TO your first meeting

Living Journeys Waiver

Adaptive Waiver

STEP 4: Come prepared for adventure!  


step 2: Click to register with adaptive (1st time only)

Thank You Living Journeys Youth Group Sponsors!

Enrichment Programs.


Check the enrichment opportunities on the Living Journeys Calendar:

Winter 2018 - 2019

Living Journeys’ clients and their families have the opportunity to enjoy winter skiing with the Adaptive Sports Center.

Living Journeys understands that frequently after diagnosis, the focus of life, and the focus of those closest to them, becomes the cancer itself and all things related to its affects and treatment. 

Treatments take a toll both physically and emotionally.  Whether your treatments require consideration in your abilities or emotionally you need a reason to get back out for an adventure, Living Journeys Days are tailored to meet your specific goals and interested.  

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Elevating to Fitness:

for people whose lives have been touched by cancer

A group exercise program tailored to your fitness level. We’ll focus on muscle strength, balance, mind-body coordination & cardio- respiratory fitness. Caregivers are welcome!

Hosted by CORE

Check the class schedule on the calendar

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Gunnison Yoga with Sherill Stenson:


The first class is free for anyone affected by cancer if you mention Living Journeys to the instructor. Caregivers & family members encouraged to attend.

Learn More and check the calendar for class times.

Back Yard Harvest Program:


Mountain Roots’ Back Yard Program is doing amazing things for our community and Living Journeys!   Free, fresh local produce for Living Journeys clients!
WHAT?         Bags of locally produced produce will be offered at no charge to Living Journeys clients.
WHEN?       Pick ups your produce every Wednesday between 12 -2 pm. Call Natalie 202-250-1869 to  reserve a bag in your name.
WHERE?        There will be a cooler for Living Journeys bags of produce at the Elk Avenue Mountain Roots garden next to the Last Steep.

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We hope to offer this workshop again. If you would be interested in attending please email us & mention the Horses & Reflection.

Horses & Reflection:

Horses have a remarkable capacity to see us exactly as we are and to offer us just what we need when we're experiencing a challenging time. They hold space for us to fully experience what we're feeling in the moment and to explore what we need to uncover our innate resilience. This workshop offers participants an opportunity to slow down, come into the present moment and explore the power of connection with horses and with nature. After enjoying time with the horses, we will create space to explore some quiet journaling and/or art to reflect on the experience.


Write Your Way into Healing:

a journaling workshop

The workshop, led by local writer and teacher, Joanne Reynolds, is designed to use journaling and creative writing as a pathway to resolving emotional wounds received as part of the cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery process. This workshop is open to patients, survivors, and supporters, such as family members.

We plan to offer this workshop again in the near future. If you are interested, please email us and let us know.


Living Stories Workshop:

See previous Living Journeys stories in our Living Stories Library

For the third year in a row Living Journey will be bringing StoryCenter to Crested Butte for a three-day workshop this spring.  StoryCenter has helped over 20,000 people conceive and create their first digital story.  The genre, a two to four minute short video - deeply personal, elegantly presented - is a powerful form of communication. The end result will be ten digital stories made by community members affected by cancer.   The authors may choose to share these stories so that observers may be inspired to take action, find new empathy, and grow stronger together as a community.

If you would like to create a story PLEASE contact us!

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Community Resources.


Access lists of support opportunities in the following categories:

Contact us if we can help you connect to the resources you need.

the wellbeing connection 

Is a resource for practitioners, teachers, physicians, nurses, therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, counselors, pastors, intuitives, coaches, trainers, artists, dancers, green-builders, adventure guides, etc. who have come together in this nonprofit with the intention of expanding the awareness of the array of WELLBEING support here in the Gunnison Valley.