Emotional Support.




Living Journeys is a safe and confidential support system for individuals, families and friends struggling with cancer. The group is a supportive and healing environment where open discussion concerning cancer related topics can happen.



Crested Butte meetings are in our community room at Living Journeys offices at 300 Belleview Ave at 6:30pm the first and third Mondays.

Gunnison meetings are at the Gunnison Community Church (107 N. Iowa St) at noon on the first Thursday of every month.


The Living Journeys Bereavement Group is open to anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer. The group meetings are facilitated by certified counselors and currently meet in Crested Butte.

The Bereavement Support Group meets in Crested Butte in our community room at Living Journeys offices at 300 Belleview Ave at 6pm on the second Monday of each month.

All support groups are free, you do not need to pay to attend any or all of the support group meetings.

Would you like to be reminded about upcoming bereavement support group meetings?

Would you like to be reminded about upcoming support group meetings?





Living Journeys provides free referrals for licensed professional therapists who can help supply clients, their caregivers, children and family members with important tools to manage fear, anxiety and stress that accompanies a cancer diagnosis.  Living Journeys Therapist Partners.


Living Journeys also offers Private Therapy Grants which cover the cost of 10 sessions of private therapy.

Grant requests will be considered through all stages of the cancer journey; whether you are currently in treatment, recovery, have or lost a loved one with cancer you can apply for a private therapy grant.

grant details:

  • A private therapy grant covers the cost of 10 sessions with a therapist of the client’s choice.

  • At the end of 10 sessions, should you need to continue with your therapy, you or your therapist may request another grant for 10 sessions.

  • Living Journeys has a list of private therapists you may consider, or you may choose to use a therapist of your choice not currently listed.  For questions regarding how to choose a therapist, you may call 970-349-2777.

  • To receive a private therapy grant you must be a Gunnison County Resident.

The first step is to fill out and return an application