Alternative and impactful ways to support Living Journeys. 

While we always welcome donations, there are other ways to give! Here are a few ways to give with no cost to you.

Register your city market card

Do you shop at City Market in Gunnison? Most of us in the valley do. Here are a few simple steps to register so that City Market donates to Living Journeys every time you shop using your City Market rewards card or alternate ID at checkout. There is no cost to you and it really makes a difference, one family's shopping generates $10-$20 for Living Journeys every month!

1. Go to

2. Scroll to the bottom. In the footer under the COMMUNITY column, choose "City Market Rewards"

3. Select the orange Enroll Now button. You may have to sign in or register for an account at this point.

4. In the next window type the first 3 letters of Living Journeys' name: LIV

5. A list of organizations will come up, Living Journeys is listed twice. We aren't sure why, but it doesn't matter, we get donations via both accounts. Select either Living Journeys account.

6. Select Enroll at the bottom of the list. 

7. Yippee! With no extra cost to you, every purchase at City Market helps Living Journeys ensure no one fights cancer alone. 

Connect Amazon Smile to Living Journeys

Telos credit card processing for businesses

Telos is a unique credit card processing company that donates 50% of the processing fee to a charitable organization of your choice. No extra charge to your business or your customers.

Visit Telos for more information. 

You can really make a difference, here is the annual contribution of one local business using Telos!  

Screenshot 2018-02-28 16.09.50.png

knitted knockers

Contact to join a knitted knockers knitting group or to receive a pair. Visit Knitted Knockers to learn all about it!