Storytelling Workshop.

Share to heal, remember and make meaning

Throughout history stories have been used to teach and remember struggles so that others may struggle less. The act of storytelling in it’s own right is a healing process. Thanks to a grant from the Town of Crested Butte, Living Journeys is bringing StoryCenter to Crested Butte for a three-day workshop this spring.  StoryCenter has helped over 20,000 people conceive and create their first digital story.  The genre, a two to four minute short video - deeply personal, elegantly presented - is a powerful form of communication. The end result will be ten digital stories made by community members affected by cancer.   The authors may choose to share these stories so that observers may be inspired to take action, find new empathy, and grow stronger together as a community.


WHEN:  2019 date to determined


WHO: The workshop is limited to ten individual storytellers. Daniel Weinshenker and Holly McLelland of StoryCenter are both able to be with us here in Crested Butte to facilitate the workshop. Holly worked with StoryCenter before she was diagnosed with cancer.  She is back working again.  Here is her digital story:

HOW: Participants will receive an email from the facilitators shortly before the workshop begins with suggestions on materials to bring.   The workshop will provide all the equipment and computers required to create your digital stories. Lunches will be provided.

COST:  The Town of Crested Butte and Living Journeys are sponsoring this event at no cost to participants.