Living Journeys Applications.

Living Journeys requests applications for financial assistance and private therapy grants.


First-time applicants please complete this application. If you have applied before, complete the “Subsequent Application.”

Initial Form

initial financial assistance grant application

Financial Assistance Grant Applications are accepted quarterly. March 1st, June 1st. September 1st and December 1st. In emergency situations if someone faces the loss of their home or other basic necessities funds may be granted outside of the quarterly cycle.

please download, fill out and return to

*If you are applying for both Financial Assistance & a Private Therapy Grant, you may submit only the Financial Assistance application, it includes the Private Therapy Grant request.



If you have applied to Living Journeys before, this application is for you!

Subsequent Form

subsequent financial assistance grant application

This application is much shorter; please ask Living Journeys staff to send your most recent application for reference. It will help you complete this shorter one.



Just Private Therapy

Private therapy application

Please submit this application if you are applying for a Private Therapy Grant but not a Financial Assistance Grant.

please download, fill out and return to