Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that no one in Gunnison County has to fight cancer alone.

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"Cancer doesn't discriminate. Cancer happens to wonderful, beautiful, kind, amazing, healthy people."

"You're helping someone in the most vulnerable time of their life, and you’re offering them a hand."

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Living Journeys hosts 5 support groups a month as well as other events and enrichment programs. Full Calendar



Our Programs



Living Journeys provides grants to Gunnison County residents with cancer to offset lost wages and medical expenses. These grants prioritize ensuring basic needs are met and people do not lose their homes due to the financial burden of cancer. 


Living Journeys provides free referrals for licensed professional therapists who can help supply clients, caregivers, children and family members with important tools to manage fear, anxiety and stress that accompanies a cancer diagnosis.  Living Journeys Therapist Partners. Living Journeys also offers Private Therapy Grants which cover the cost of 10 sessions of private therapy.


The Living Journeys Youth Group (LJYG) is designed for middle and high school students. The group meets every two weeks for either a dinner or an adventure facilitated by a team of therapists. LJYG was founded by a local high school junior who lost her father to cancer in 2011. 


Living Journeys facilitates Living Journeys facilitates a weekly support group for individuals, families and friends struggling with cancer. The group is a supportive and healing environment where open discussion concerning cancer related topics can happen. The groups are facilitated by professional counselors. There is also a support group specific to those who have lost a loved one to cancer. There is no charge to attend any or all of the meetings.  Check our CALENDAR for the next meeting.

transportation to treatment

Living Journeys recognizes that due to our rural location, Gunnison County residents may experience difficulty in traveling to and from their cancer treatments. Living Journeys facilitates volunteer drivers, mileage reimbursements and through a partnership with Tough Enough to Wear Pink, vehicles are available to people with all types of cancer.

enrichment programs

Living Journeys partners with local businesses and organizations to offer healing enrichment programs such as yoga and excursive classes, adaptive sports adventures, writing workshops and more. 

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Our Impact

Living Journeys strives to reach 100% of Gunnison County residents diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to community support more people are served every year.



grants dispersed in the last year

Living Journeys gives grants to people affected by cancer for transportation, private therapy and financial assistance.



Years Serving gunnison county

Living Journeys is celebrating being a part of the Gunnison Valley for 20 years — and counting!



clients served so far in 2019

Living Journeys reached more community members in 2019 than were reached in all of 2018 or any previous year.


“When Living Journeys grants us money the support goes much deeper than financial. It shows me that you care about me being here and that I’m a worthy cause.”


~ Living Journeys Client, 2018


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living journeys can help

Learn about the many forms of assistance Living Journeys can provide. From transportation to treatment to financial and emotional support and beyond.

Volunteer opportunities

Living Journeys wouldn’t exist without the dedication of volunteers. Volunteers drive clients to treatment, organize events, cook meals & SO much more.

Make a Donation

Individual donations make up the majority of Living Journeys’ budget. All contributions make a big difference for a family affected by cancer.