Grants, Private Therapy & Transportation Assistance 


Living Journeys provides direct financial grants to Gunnison County residents to help relieve the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis.  To apply for Financial Assistance, you must be a Gunnison County Resident.   

The first step is to fill out and return financial grant application.  Please call (970) 349-2777 for assistance or questions when filling out an application.  


Living Journeys offers private therapy grants to individuals seeking additional support.  A private therapy grant request may be made two ways.  When applying for a Financial Grant you may also indicate on the application you are seeking private therapy or you may use the private therapy grant application below to request only private therapy.

Private therapy grants award ten (10) private therapy sessions with a therapist of your choice.  Living Journeys works closely with therapists in the valley and can help you choose a therapist that best fits your needs.  If determined by you and your therapist that additional therapy sessions would be beneficially, you may apply for more than one private therapy grant.

The first step in requesting a private therapy grant is to fill out the Private Therapy Grant Applicaion. Please call (970) 349-2777 for assistance or questions when filling out an application.   


Living Journeys recognizes that due to our rural location and proximity to specialized forms of cancer treatments, Gunnison County residents may experience difficulty in traveling to and from their cancer treatments.  Living Journeys can help in two ways:

Volunteer Drivers: 
Living journeys will help match volunteer drivers with individuals needing transportation to treatment.  For more information call Living Journeys at 970-349-2777 or email
Transportation Grants:
Living Journeys has funds available to offset the cost of travel to treatment.  For more information please contact Living Journeys at 970-349-2777 or email