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Living Journeys is a safe and confidential support system for individuals, families and friends struggling with cancer. The group is a supportive and healing environment where open discussion concerning cancer related topics can happen. The facilitators of the groups are Kathey Jinich, and Laurie Boscaro, MA, LPPC. There is no charge to attend any or all of the three meetings a month. To find information about the location and time of the next support group meeting, visit the Support Group Calendar or call 349-2777.


The New Cathey at Living Journeys


Kathy Norgard first met the late Virginia Jones fifteen years ago when Virginia asked Kathy to be a guest facilitator for the Gunnison cancer support group one afternoon. Virginia started the support group after her own diagnosis with cancer and continued as its champion till her death in 2016.

“I was deeply touched both by Virginia, then probably in her early 80’s, and the other group members. They all had a zest for life which cancer had only deepened. Five years ago I moved full-time to Crested Butte. Mary Mike Haley (co-founder of Living Journeys) left the valley and I was asked to facilitate the Gunnison and Crested Butte cancer support groups. It was a wonderful volunteer opportunity and has enriched my life. Group members are mutually supportive, loving, positive and encouraging to one another. That gusto for life I witnessed many years ago plays out in each group meeting. It has truly been an honor to be a part of the groups these years.”

Norgard has become involved locally and internationally with the prevention of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Kathy is passing the Crested Butte support group facilitation to Cathey Jinich, a Colorado licensed professional counselor. Cathey will begin facilitating the Crested Butte groups in October.

Cathey is an experienced therapist whose daughter attended CB High School. Jinich left Crested Butte for graduate training in New Zealand and then Boulder returning full- time in 2015. Cathey, a full-time therapist at Western State University, also maintains a part-time private practice in Mt. Crested Butte. Cathey loves her family, her work, her dogs, hiking and cooking and will be a great addition to the Living Journeys team.

The cancer support group (available to both people with a cancer diagnosis and those supporting them) encourages open discussion about cancer related topics and its impact on families and life. Research has shown that attending support groups may enhance positive treatment outcomes.

There is no charge to attend any or all of the four meetings each month. The Crested Butte groups meet at 6 p.m. the first Monday (at Camp Four in CB South with free coffee!) and the third Monday at the Adaptive Sports Center (325 Belleview, CB). For further information about the support groups, visit the Living Journey website (livingjourneys.org) or call 970-349-2777.

To be added to the support group email list, please complete the support group email form.


Living Journeys provides referrals for free, licensed professional therapists who can help supply clients, their caregivers, children and family members with important tools to manage fear, anxiety and stress that accompanies a cancer diagnosis.  Private therapy requests will be considered through all stages of the cancer journey; whether you are currently in treatment, recovery, have or lost a loved one with cancer you can apply for a private therapy grant.

Private therapy grants are offered in groups of 10 sessions per request.   At the end of 10 sessions, should you need to continue with your therapy, you or your therapist may request another grant for 10 sessions. Living Journeys has a list of private therapists you may consider, or you may choose to use a therapist of your choice not currently listed.  For questions regarding how to choose a therapist, you may call 970-349-2777. To receive a private therapy grant you must be a Gunnison County Resident.

The first step is to fill out and return one of the application. 


The Living Journeys Youth Group (LJYG) serves Gunnison County middle and high school aged students whose families have a relationship with cancer. Living Journeys brings together a team therapists and staff from the Adaptive Sports Center to develop a year of adventures which include ropes courses, rafting, ice climbing, kayaking and more.